Current Cases

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia Mesh failure requires additional surgery to repair damage caused by defective mesh

Lawsuits have been filed by thousands of people who were injured by hernia mesh patches and plugs made from 2006 through 2019. 

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CPAP and BiPAP Recall Injury Lawsuit

On June 14, 2021, Dutch medical equipment company Philips announced that it would be recalling over 3,400,000 sleep apnea machines, also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines and ventilators sold before April 2021

The recalled units are made with a foam part that may degrade and produce a toxic gas that potentially causes cancer.

Broken Paragard IUD

Since 2010, the FDA has received over 2,800 reports of the Paragard device failures including

Many women have reported that the device can also break during the removal procedure and that the broken pieces must be painfully removed one by one with a complicated surgery to avoid organ damage.

Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

Based on a congressional report, 1 in 3 people were abused in nursing homes in a short two-year study period.

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You could be entitled to compensation for the Abuse/Neglect suffered for medical bills and pain and loss!

Roundup $10 Billion Settlement for Cancer

You could be entitled to compensation for Roundup® /Cancer, medical bills, pain.

Bayer has announced a settlement after years of litigation from cancer patients who claimed Roundup® caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma and that Monsanto failed to adequately warn consumers of the risk.

Broken IVC Filter Lawsuit

Studies show 1 out of 4 IVC Filters fracture, potentially causing death.

A defective IVC filter can fracture and be carried away by the blood stream into the heart or lungs.

Most patients do not know if their IVC filter is defective or broken until it is too late.  

Liver Injury from Herbal and Dietary Supplements

About 30% - 40% of liver failure cases are linked to herbal or dietary supplements.

Unlike prescription or over-the-counter drugs, which must be approved by the FDA before they can be marketed, the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they are sold.

Vanderhall Mechanical Failure

Steering and Drive-Train Component Problems

Vanderhall sells three wheel vehicles that have engines and other components designed and manufactured for a four wheel automobile. Three wheel vehicles are classified as a motorcycle and therefore do not meet federal automotive requirements for safety.

Elmiron Eye Disease Lawsuit

Recent studies have shown that up to a quarter of patients who take Elmiron long-term suffer retinal damage, including vision loss.

In June 2020 the manufacturer of Elmiron updated its label with the FDA to warn physicians for the first time that long-term use of Elmiron has been reported to cause eye damage.

Recalled Brain Surgery Catheter

Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter Lawsuit

In June 2019, the Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter received approval to be used in brain surgery procedures in the US. In October of 2020, there were increased reports of serious malfunctions of the device leading to injuries and death of patients.

On December 15, 2020, the FDA announced that Penumbra had issued an urgent recall of the Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter.

Zantac Linked to Cancer

April 2020 - FDA removes Zantac from stores in the US due to risk of cancer.

The agency determined that levels of a cancer-causing chemical impurity (NDMA) can increase in the pills over time, or when the pills are stored above room-temperature. This means all over-the-counter and prescription-strength Zantac and ranitidine will no longer be sold in the U.S.